HandPainter 0.6

Simple drawing tool for your Palm


  • Large color palette
  • Undo feature


  • Ugly, cluttered interface
  • Lacks advanced drawing features

Not bad

If you're a creative sort of person then often you might get the urge to start doodling while you're sat around. If there's no pen and paper handy then you might want to consider installing a drawing application on your handheld device.

HandPainter is a simple piece of software that allows you to draw and design digital images on your Palm, and is a free, scaled-down version of HandPainter-PRO.

Installation is a little fiddly than most programs as you need to install three separate files onto your device to get it running.

Once you've done this you'll be presented with a blank canvas and a range of icons that represent tools such as sketch, paint, fill, spray and shapes.

There are some extra icons at the top that let you perform tasks like clearing the page, undoing, and save/load.

It's not a particularly professional looking interface - the icons are very blocky and the toolbar seems very squashed.

Nevertheless, the tools on offer can be accessed pretty quickly once you figure out what they all do and are sufficient enough for creating rough doodles and sketches like you might create in MS Paint.

HandPainter is a simple freeware drawing app for color Palm devices, the program allow you to sketch, paint, draw, fill spray… in a very simple and intuitive user interface.

The current version supporting Palm OS5 devices. HandPainter gives the basic concept to the new much more powerful HandPainter-PRO, that also offer HiRes support, line thickness, zoom, text, exporting bitmaps files and much more.



HandPainter 0.6

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